What is the coffee shop so enduring?

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What is the coffee shop so enduring?

"A bit noisy, no noisy

A lot of people, but independent of each other"

"It was a cozy café, warm, clean and friendly, and I hung my old raincoat on the hanger and dried my old felt with the wind and rain on the bench. On the shelf, called a glass of milk, and the waiter came to the coffee, and I took out a notebook and a pencil from his coat pocket and began writing.

Hemingway - "Flowing Feast"

Some people say that if there is no French Apollina Nelson Cafe, there is no big writer Hemingway. Although this sentence is a bit exaggerated, but in fact, those famous big writers seem to have to stay in the coffee shop. Paul Sartre is a frequent visitor to the Le Procope Cafe on the River Seine; Nobel Prize winner Najib Mahaphrez often goes to Cairo's Café Cafe Cafe; Goethe, Byron, Dickens particularly likes coffee in Rome Spend time in the museum ...

And now, more than half a century later, the cafe is still favored by young people workplace. For many people in the depths of the city, the cafes have a strong modern society, the smell of fire seems to be able to inspire their inner sleeping art cells.

So what is the magic of the cafe in the end, in more than half a century to continue to attract the literati, Bachelor or even business white-collar workers to write and office it? In order to solve this puzzle, I asked a lot of writers, freelancers, business white-collar workers, they say so ... ...


The third space is inexplicable attraction

"The cafe is a typical third space, it is less lazy than the bedroom, less lonely than the study, more freedom than the office, not like the library did not dare to make a voice here work more is not a sense of responsibility, binding Feeling, but comfortable, interesting.

In 1989, the American sociologist Ray Odenberg in the book "The Great Good Place" a book formally defined the "third space" concept. "The first space is the living space, the second space is the work space, the third space is the recreational space." The quality of the third space and the length of people stay time, determines a person's quality of life. To


Follow the ritual sense

"When I was a kid in McDonald 's homework, I grew up and went to the cafe to write, and for me it seemed to have become an indispensable ritual in life.

"Sometimes, watching the computer feel tired, looked up and suddenly found the people around him quietly stay in their own side, this space is orderly, well - organized operation of this feeling really fascinating.

"At home, I can not help but go to the Internet, see the drama, brush know, watching the sun rise and fall, one day passed, but in the coffee shop can not, I will put myself into that atmosphere. Into the coffee shop, I feel like a writer, can not help but turn the book.


Safe distance

"In the cafe, which allows only shallow social space, there may be a lot of people like me, but we are independent of each other.I can point a cup of coffee, and then become a member of this group, You can also take a laptop and leave, I do not need to say hello to anyone.

"The cafe is actually a relatively space, it is not like the library people next to people, here, surrounded by a foot is my territory, others will tacitly avoid this safe distance to me It is very important. "


No copyable white noise

[Academic magazine "consumer research" published an article, it pointed out that the right noise (70 dB) is the most conducive to the work of the volume of the environment, and extreme quiet will actually weaken your attention, hinder writing The most needed abstract thinking. To

"The coffee shop is a very special place, it's a bit noisy, but no noisy. The coffee machine works with the bang, the dingling sound of the meal, the coffee spoon and the mug and the sound of the people who talk and eat, The sound of these sounds mixed with the coffee in the air, for me is a fatal temptation.

"As if as long as the table to sit down, click on a cup of Mocha, I can Fenbi disease book, complete the drag no less than a week of manuscripts.

"I have a problem, not accustomed to too quiet in the office, the kind of quiet will make me unconsciously transfer attention.

"The office is too noisy and the house is too quiet, and the cafe has a good balance between the two, and I can think quietly, but not too lonely.


Potential competition

"In the public area of the cafe, knowing that no one will pay attention to me, but there is still a sense of being monitored, this feeling is like the examination of the examiner, forcing me to focus.

"In the cafe, the people around are carefully tapping the keyboard, the kind of voice is really a great stimulus, if replaced by a person alone, I may from time to time to see the phone, give yourself a glass of wine, or Go out to run ... ... work efficiency is naturally high.

"No matter what the task is done, if there is a viewer or a competitor present, I will be more desirous, this performance is not alone."

"I believe that it is impossible for every person in the depths of the city! Everyone is used to being supervised and watched, and I am no exception."


Not disturbed

"In the cafe, although I am in a environment full of strangers, but in fact, I am not responsible for any of them. The most important thing is that no colleagues suddenly stopped at my desk before the interruption is ongoing Of the work, there will be no family need me to stop the hands of the work to go downstairs to buy a bottle of soy sauce.

"It 's unavoidably disturbing whether it' s in office or at home, and in the space of the cafe, the most serious bother is that the waiter gently puts my coffee in front of me.


Cure "house" disease

"As a freelancer, on time punching nine and five and endless department regular meetings and I have nothing to do, I can sleep every day to get up the sun three pole. But over time, I became a typical meaning On the otaku, more and more slovenly, social ability is also degraded.

"And the coffee shop is different, and at least I will be a little modification, bathing, shampoo, with a wax to catch a handsome hair, changing handsome and handsome clothes, wear wild shoes, spray perfume. ..... "

"In addition, I can look up from time to time to look around the people, for their own writing inspiration, or know some interesting people.



"When the pressure is high, I will go to the cafe, listen to strangers talk about the ideal, listen to ambiguous dialogue between men and women, watching the night do not return to people watching movies, this atmosphere allows me to really feel their own sense of presence "

"There are times in the triple upstairs cafes stay up late to catch the program, unknowingly closed, but that eyebrow soft waitress did not interrupt me, I have been waiting for the work to silently shut the shop.

"I am more fond of the smoke and smoke of the cafe, and here I can feel that I am connected with the world, and I see all kinds of people coming in, pushing the door out, through the window, this feeling Will be more comfortable than a person alone.


Rooted view of consumption

"In general, go to the cafe at least a cup of coffee, and in the north of such a city, a cup of coffee also need 40 yuan minimum, may be rooted in the heart of the consumer concept of trouble, I will remind myself to come here to work , So office efficiency is also unknowingly improved.

"It is probably the influence of the culture of the ship, and I always feel that it is a petty bourgeoisie to the coffee shop, and there is a lot of sense of superiority in the coffee shop while at the same time.



"As a nine to five office workers, my life has been inseparable from the caffeine, and in the café office has become my habit, this habit and morning cups of coffee to go to work is no different.

"The coffee shop filled with coffee is a good refreshing agent, it can let me a high degree of concentration, efficient completion of a lot of accumulated work.


There is WiFi

Said so much, in fact, the most important thing is because the coffee shop has WIFi!