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The materials we use are very carefully chosen, and their manual handling makes them irregular and personalized.

If you follow our product maintenance advice, your accessories should be older.

Color changes and marks may appear in the leather. These are naturally occurring features that increase the uniqueness of the product and should not be considered a defect.

To keep and save your product, care should be taken to avoid contact with water, oil, hand sanitizer, perfume and cosmetics.

Also avoid prolonged and direct contact with light and heat sources.

Be careful not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces.

Ageing: embossed and full leather series leather will become more supple and beautiful with time. The embossing will evolve as a testimony to it’s owner’s experiences, giving each bag a personal and unique touch.

If your product gets wet, gently remove excess moisture with a soft, dry cloth and dry at room temperature.

If the metal hardware on your product is discolored, please use a dry jewelry cleaning cloth to remove any flaws.

Due to the manufacturing process, our leather may cause color transfer, especially in humid environments.

Please remember this, especially when wearing light colors.

When not in use, it is recommended that you store the product in a cool, dry place, along with the dust bag.