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About Us


Refreshingly honest to do each handbag.

Luxury material, Factory price.

Do our best to take affordable pieces and look expensive and help you do the same.

We use the same materials and same factories as $500 to $3000 brands, but we sell at a fraction of the price.

We want to give you something special. Something you cannot find in your circle.

At ANGTI & YANG, we have a deep and lasting passion for bags and fashion. We like simplicity, personality and new things. More importantly, we regard the simple, classic and young attitude towards life as a unique symbol of fashion. We want to find something special. Something you cannot find in your circle.

In 2016 ANGTI & YANG was born excellent “quality” and “create” to redefine the reach of fashion, will really valuable good product, share and fashion avant-garde, freedom of thought, the pursuit of a girl with attitude.

Our handbag is more than just a simple style: it also represents our aspiration, which is why  our designs are as unique and individual as you.

ANGTI & YANG is not an ordinary brand, our inner belief is a real girl, with multiple personalities. ANGTI not only represents the confident and strong in the real world, Forever, and hope you will always have a young(Yang) and interesting attitude to life.

High quality Chinese craftmanship. Designers are very focused on quality, color and detail. For the vast number of consumers to pursue the most perfect product.