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Product Care

The materials we use are chosen with the greatest care, and their handcrafted treatment makes them irregular and individual. 

If you follow our product care recommendations, your accessory should age beautifully.

It is possible for colour variations and markings to appear in the leather. These are naturally occurring features that add to the uniqueness of your  product and should not be thought of as imperfections.

To maintain and preserve your product care should be taken to avoid contact with water, oils, perfumes and cosmetics. 

Prolonged and direct exposure to sources of light and heat should also be avoided.

If your product gets wet, remove any excess moisture by dabbing lightly with a soft dry cloth and dry at room temperature. 

If the metal hardware on your product becomes discoloured, use a dry jewellery cleaning cloth to remove any tarnishing.

Due to the manufacturing process our leathers may cause colour transfer, especially in humid environments. 

Please keep this in mind, particularly when wearing light colours.

When not in use we recommend storing your product in a cool dry place, in the Angti&Yang dust bag which accompanied it.